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Support Groups

Group Program

Power in Collective Learning 


Get in Community and Grow 

You recognize that there is power in collective learning. You are looking not only to take charge of your life but also to be in community with women who are doing the same. Group Programs may be for you.

Pamela has developed thought-provoking, action-oriented, and deeply impactful programs. Program Offerings throughout the year to include: 

  • Reset Program designed to help you bust out of the rut of overwhelm, burnout, and exhaustion. It is too common and too easy for a woman to feel obligated to meet all of the "should's" and behaviors expected from being a "good woman". We will untangle the old wiring linked to self-doubt, imposter syndrome, and the feeling of never being "enough".

  • Career Confidence was created to help women gain clarity on their strengths, saboteurs, and next steps to level up in their careers. 

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