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Keynote Speaking

Are you looking for a speaker that combines heart, humor, and a heap of actionable tactics that the audience can deploy right away? 


From 20 minute keynotes that pack a punch to half-day workshops that leave the audience INSPIRED, ENERGIZED, and with the TOOLS needed to tackle the next steps. 

Commonly Requested Topics: 

  • Ambitchous 

how to go from an ambitious but quiet, people-pleaser to unapologetically ambitious!  

  • Live a Life by Design, not Default 

the formula to bust out of shoulds and design a life you love!  

  • Equality in the Workplace

You want to make a change in the workplace, know where to start 

  • Ask for What You Want, and Get It

Real-world stories and techniques to ask for what you want, and get it this time.  

  • Confidence is Power

You want to earn the position of power, then let's talk about the confidence formula. 

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