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Become a Goal-Getter

Do you ever feel like the goals that you initially hoped to achieve are becoming increasingly unachievable? It's certainly not very motivating to see your goals and dreams slip further away. But have you ever stopped to wonder why it happens?

Perhaps you’re having a challenge with how you go about setting goals. Sure you can identify something you want to achieve however you may be missing a vital step in the goal-setting process - planning!

Do you want to get to the finish line with your goal? Excellent! You likely have a target in mind; a promotion, a stellar GPA, losing ten pounds... get your pen and paper out and let's get crystal clear on the goal.

Use the questions below to brainstorm your goals, let this exercise become a feasible action plan on your journey to successful goal-getter:

1. What is your Why? When going through the process of setting goals, ask yourself why. Why is this particular goal important to you?

  • Les Brown frequently tells his audience, "You gotta be hungry". Understand why the goal is important to you, and then use the hunger you feel to motivate you.

  • To stay hungry your goals need to align with your vision and should bring you closer to the life you want to create.

  • As you explore your why and begin to formulate your goal, write down your main goal and then backwards plan. What are the mini-goals or mile markers that you will accomplish on the journey to achieve the goal?

2. Set realistic timelines. Setting realistic timelines can mean the difference between achieving a goal and losing the opportunity. True, you may be filled with excitement now, but that excitement won’t last long if your steps to your goal are unachievable.

  • Once your goal is realistic, it’s attainable. Be realistic with the time you set to achieve it.

  • The realistic timeline is supported by your backwards planning. Now that you have documented your mile markers you can plot your path and monitor it.

  • Remember that you have the other parts of your life to concentrate on as well. Balance working toward your goal with life's other priorities.

3. Find your tribe. Goal getters need the support of close friends, family, and colleagues. Your tribe can serve as accountability partners or encouragers - reach out to them when you start to doubt yourself.

  • Apart from providing encouragement, a support group can bring new ideas. Collective minds produce successful ideas!

  • Ask your supporters for advice about your goals and plan of action. Fill them in on your next idea so they can give you constructive criticism.

  • When you reach your goal, remember to show your appreciation. Let them know how much you appreciate their support. Then be a good friend and return the favor whenever the opportunity presents itself.

4. Reward yourself for hitting a mile marker. A great way to stay motivated is to reward your progress. As soon as you've hit a mile marker, celebrate!

  • Make the journey less intimidating by celebrating how your progress at the mile mark, instead of waiting until you get to the final destination.

  • Invite your tribe to celebrate with you. Or, you can celebrate on your own. Whichever way, highlight those mini-goals.

  • Avoid focusing on the long journey ahead of you for a long-term goal. Keep your attention on the small objectives so you don’t feel overwhelmed.

Always look at your goals in your own context and avoid comparing what you've achieved with anybody else's achievements.

You cannot fit big goals into a small life. Be kind to yourself on the journey while remaining accountable for how you spend the time you have. Keep your chin up and stay hungry.

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