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The distance between your dreams and reality is called action. Working with Pamela is the accountability and the strategy that you need to get out of your way and start building the life that you want.

What does One on One coaching look like?
  • We set short- and longer-term goals and discuss the actions you need to take to accomplish your goals.

  • We will work on changing negative thoughts and external influences to create a healthier mindset.

  • We will have uncomfortable and hard conversations – but the best growth occurs from those chats.

  • 45-minute coaching sessions which can be conducted virtually or in person.

  • Feel free to reach out via Slack in between our sessions – you know I will be there to challenge, advocate and cheerlead for you throughout your journey with me. 

Move from Surviving to Thriving

Listen, the world needs women who are confident, powerful, and ready to claim their seat the the table. 

And we need those women right now!

Hint: YOU are one of those women. 
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